Our Services


Space for one more dog in our shelter means one more dog-at-risk off the street, and safe in our care. You can help us create that space by fostering – that is – providing a temporary home for a dog while he or she waits to be adopted. You can also help him or her socialize and get used to a home environment, which significantly increased chances of adoption.

Fostering is also invaluable in cases where consistent attention or monitoring – e.g. regular medications – may be needed.

We can help you with the food and vet bills for any dog you foster – All you need to add is your love and attention.

To express your interest in fostering a fur-baby, email us at: preciouspawsfoundation@gmail.com


Dogs are genetically designed to be social creatures; most at home in a pack with humans. Most dogs flourish in a household environment, and with patience and love even the most temperamental of dogs can become a loving companion. At Precious Paws our dream is to find a suitable ‘forever’ home for each one of our puppies and adult dogs.

Adoption also has the larger socio-economic effect of dissuading unethical breeding and ‘puppy mills’, where dogs are reared and forcibly mated for commercial purposes – and often ruthlessly abandoned when their utility as breeding machines runs out, sometimes even before they reach the prime of life.

Do come by and take home a bundle of happiness. We will work with you to ensure that you take home a dog with the appropriate temperament, suited to your home environment – be it space, children or other pets. At the same time, it is important to remember that some dogs have had a painful and difficult past, and may need your love and patience before they can blossom into their true, trusting selves.

Rescue Diary

There is, we feel, no greater satisfaction that looking into an abused or hurt dog’s eyes and seeing them come to life with love. The satisfaction we get from our rescues is what makes us do what we do, despite the many financial, operation, and yes, even emotional difficulties that we face.

Passive Adoption

You don’t need space in your home to give a dog a chance – just a space in your heart. Passive adopt one of our lovely shelter dogs by committing to bearing his or her living, upkeep and basic medical expenses. By doing so, you allow us to use our funds towards rescuing and caring for more dogs in need.

We also invite you to come visit your adopted fur-friend and his companions – There is nothing dogs love more than the joy of human love.