Welcome to the website of Precious Paws.

An organization dedicated to helping our best friends in need. Here you can find out more about our activities, as well as the various ways in which you can support us.

Our Services


Space for one more dog in our shelter means one more dog-at-risk off the street, and safe in our care.


Dogs are genetically designed to be social creatures; most at home in a pack with humans.

Rescue Diary

There is, we feel, no greater satisfaction that looking into an abused or hurt dog’s eyes and seeing them come to life with love.

Passive Adoption

You don’t need space in your home to give a dog a chance – just a space in your heart.

For more details call us +91 97425 43510



Vijay Vikram

Helping humans best friends is some thing we all should appreciate in this busy world…keep up the good work guys…

Satyanarayan Swamy

Been to the shelter many times … it is always a wonderful feeling . The way Debadrita maintained the shelter is really nice . Great work.. great people ..

Vandana Kamath

All the inmates are in best of their health and are well fed and good care… Debbie deserves all the applause in the world for running it single handedly…And apart from all these appreciation our contribution in any form will ease her pressure and encouragement too…

Deepika Myneni

Debadrita is taking care of so many streeties and abandoned dogs. Its amazing to see the kind of love and dedication she has towards these dogs. She also helped me a lot in getting my freagle adjusted with us.

Arun Bhat

These people are protecting and feeding 25-30 dogs…. That’s not an easy job.

I decided to carry a bag full of biscuits, …..

These dogs are awesome, cuteness overloaded, over talkative dogs…. They don’t stop talking, each dog calls u from different directions….

I will go there every Monday and feed the dogs

Awesome job Precious paw foundation

Danielle Dsilva

If you think a woman cant do it all then you haven’t met Debbie. She’s inspiring on another level and her shelter is one of my favourites because almost all the residents are Indian dogs – the most abused, unloved and disrespected breed. All her doggies look so happy and at home but Debbie really needs tons of support to find them homes in a society that doesn’t value ‘Made in India’. Her effort and dedication is unparalleled and I’m always happy to support in little ways. I wish her and Precious Paws the best 🙂

Diane Symons

Thank you for all the work you do helping animals. They need us just as much as we need them. Wonderful page thank you.

Antorleena Bhaumik

I never knew what a one woman army looked like until I visited PPF..what a wonderful place and definitely a wonderful feeling to see shelter dogs so so happy..unlike popular belief that shelter dogs look unhappy!! The dogs are happy,well fed and playful indicating the care and concern that goes into all this…the two caretaker boys do a super job and the woman behind all this Debadrita is the driving force …
Most importantly she is one person who is beautiful inside out ..never says No to any dog in distress…stretches herself beyond capacity and goes that extra mile to show that she cares…a living example of dedication and compassion…All the best to Precious Paws Foundation and Debadrita …for the noble work ..! Cheers!

Arundhati Chatterjee

PPF is doing outstanding work and is led by a very able and compassionate lady.

Rahul Pendharkar

Debadrita Ghosh has been doing awesome work to take care of dogs and cats. She works selflessly to take care of the street dogs and cats.

I have been keeping my cats in her pet boarding care for 3 years now. They get the same kind love that they get in our house.

I wish Debbie all the best in her efforts and will try to help in whatever way I can.

Thank you!!