Dogs are genetically designed to be social creatures; most at home in a pack with humans. Most dogs flourish in a household environment, and with patience and love even the most temperamental of dogs can become a loving companion. At Precious Paws our dream is to find a suitable ‘forever’ home for each one of our puppies and adult dogs.

Adoption also has the larger socio-economic effect of dissuading unethical breeding and ‘puppy mills’, where dogs are reared and forcibly mated for commercial purposes – and often ruthlessly abandoned when their utility as breeding machines runs out, sometimes even before they reach the prime of life.

Do come by and take home a bundle of happiness. We will work with you to ensure that you take home a dog with the appropriate temperament, suited to your home environment – be it space, children or other pets. At the same time, it is important to remember that some dogs have had a painful and difficult past, and may need your love and patience before they can blossom into their true, trusting selves.

(The drop down list is not needed there here too. The pics of cats kittens dogs and pups will be displayed with info like name: age: gender: vccination status : spaying status. Once they click on the pic then the basic info with the story continues like how rescued, temperament etc,